What You Should Know Before Buying Used Golf Equipment

There is no denying that golf is a rich man’s sport. The equipment alone could cost a fortune and this has hindered a lot of people from playing it. On the other side of the spectrum, some people who have just started taking an interest in golf and who have bought the latest and most expensive equipment find themselves regretting the amount of money they’ve spent. It would actually be such a waste if your golf equipment barely saw the light of day.

So to make golf lighter on your pocket, you can always opt to buy used equipment. If you’re new to the sport or a first-timer in buying secondhand golf equipment, you would find the important things you need to know to make your purchase worth it.


  1. Researching on golf equipment is the first step.

golf equipmentThe knowledge you have on what to buy and what to look for sets your playing field. If you don’t know anything about golf or the equipment you need, it’s better to familiarize yourself so that you can make a wise assessment of the secondhand items you will be getting.

You can choose between buying a standard set or a half set. A standard set has all 8 irons, 3 woods, and a putter while a half set only has 4 irons, 2 woods, and a putter. Buying a half set is ideal if you’re a beginner.

When you do your research, also seek the advice of experts. If you know some professional golfers or you have friends used to playing golf, their opinion on what to look for in a used golf set should be heard. You can also check online forums like the Toronto  Equipment Forums to broaden your knowledge on golf equipment in general.

  1. Check each and every side and part of the golf equipment.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to be more meticulous when it comes to inspecting the equipment.

When you’re looking at clubs, you have to check the clubface and the grip carefully. For the clubface, there shouldn’t be any dent or shining spot (this means they were overused). You should also check the grooves and make sure that they are not bent or dull. It should look brand-new because any damage in this part would affect the direction and the spin of your ball. On the other hand, the grip should be intact. This means that no loose parts or worn areas exist. If there are, then you shouldn’t take it because you would have to replace it sooner rather than later and that’s already at least a $6 additional cost.

Another equipment you should inspect is the golf bag itself. There are three different kinds of golf bags – carry bags, cart bags, and staff bags. Since you are a beginner or an occasional player, you can look for a carry bag or a cart bag. A carry bag, taken from its name, is something you can easily carry. It is often made of nylon so that it can stand up straight.

When looking at golf bags, check the zippers and the material. There shouldn’t be any defective zipper that they catch every time you zip or unzip. For the material, check if it’s still in good condition. Is it worn out? Did it lose color?


  1. Ask the seller about its history and if you can try it out.

These two things are crucial because you want to know how the equipment was used. Was it used by someone who rarely played? Was it even used at all? Don’t be shy of interrogating the seller because you want to make sure that you are buying equipment that was well taken care of.

Moreover, you should always try any equipment out before buying. If you’re buying at a garage sale, ask the seller if you could do a few swings just to get a feel of its torque and overall performance.


  1. Compare prices.

It is advisable that before you buy used equipment that you check for the same model and compare their prices. This is important because some felt brands sell some models at a huge discount as a result of excess inventory or new models to be showcased. If they have the same price, then buy the new one.